Reasons to Drink a Pre-Yoga Smoothie

blueberry smoothie

We live in a world where every individual fantastically desires the perfect great body. We are always looking for that particular way to achieve what is needed in terms of physical fitness. It can be in the form of food that provides us with optimal energy from exercise that we think is beneficial for all of us.


The Yoga Nomads emphasize the importance of drinking a pre-yoga smoothie. This recommendation is indeed great to be applied for any workout plan that you have. Among many other types of smoothies, the best one to eat before exercise is the smoothie with blueberry as the main ingredient. In fact, many Americans have proclaimed that blueberries’ ability helps them sustain their health and can resist disease. Regarding the fitness plan, eating a blueberry smoothie before a workout has many advantages indeed. Learn more about the strengths of blueberry smoothie for better training below.

Healthy Calories and Carbohydrates

All the energy shakes and fitness aids in the world cannot match the benefits that blueberries can provide. For the most part, they only have 81 calories per 140g serving. The calories are mostly carbohydrates, and many people know that they are an essential part of a fitness program. Therefore, eating blueberry smoothies during your regular exercise can significantly change your weight since it helps to control your diet correctly. 

Natural Sugar for Energy Source

The carbohydrates in blueberries are sugar-based, which at first glance, do not look so good. On the other hand, the sugars are much more beneficial to the body than an assortment of sugars. The energy into which organic sugars are converted lasts about three times longer and does not create a false strength.

On the other hand, blueberry sugars will provide a steady supply of energy while working out. No wonder blueberry has been highly recommended as an essential ingredient in several smoothies recipes. You can make the best blueberry smoothies when you mix them with organic yogurt along with a tablespoon of honey. Consuming this mixture an hour before you start your workout will prepare your body and provide you with a beautiful energy source that you are about to be burned off.

Great Antioxidants

When eating blueberry before exercising, it will help to finish your workout smoothly. It happens because blueberry contains an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory attributes. Thus, it can help regain your optimal body when there are minor sprains or knocks during your training. The antioxidant of the blueberry smoothie you eat will work to prepare your immune system to resist nagging injuries that might otherwise have lasting results.


Blueberries have essential properties that can help maintain the body’s internal health and combat the aging process that eventually occurs naturally to all of us. Eating blueberry smoothies regularly as a part of your daily diet before exercising could help your circulatory and immune systems to work best during your training. This way, it will lead to slow down the aging process.